Winter Social Skills Program

Winter Social Skills Program

Fostering Social and Emotional Learning

Lipson Family Coaching is now offering a “Social Skills Program” designed for children ages 5 -12. Our social and emotional learning program is hands on and multi-sensory. We will prepare your child for a successful school year while having fun and making new friends. The following skills will be taught and reinforced:

  • Self-Awareness (identifying emotions, recognizing strengths, self-confidence)
  • Self- Management (impulse control, stress management, goal setting)
  • Social Awareness- (empathy, respect for others)
  • Relationship Skills- (communication, teamwork)
  • Responsible Decision Making (identifying and solving problems, reflecting)

*Weekly session materials will be provided to families for review and reinforcement at home.
*Individual (1:1) social skills sessions are also available

*$400 for 8 sessions
*Payment due in full prior to the first session*
*No make-up sessions will be offered*
*Cancellations due to inclement weather will be rescheduled
*Refunds will be made up to one week prior to start date*

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