Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching will provide you with tools and resources so you will be fully equipped to handle most challenges you may face. Above all, coaching will provide you with the support you need without any judgement at all. 

Parent Coaching

Melissa Lipson provides both in home and telephone or facetime/skype coaching to help you feel confident in your parenting and bring peace and happiness back to your family.

Parent and Family Coaching may be right for you and your family if:

  • You have noticed a recent change in your child’s mood and behavior
  • Your child is not expressing their feelings
  • Your child is spending more and more time alone in their bedroom
  • Your child is struggling to get to school everyday
  • Your child is not behaving and is disrespectful
  • You have tried consequences and nothing seems to be working
  • You are losing control and see your child slipping away
  • Your child does not seem to care about anything you say
  • Your child needs to learn strategies on how to relax their mind and body

I Can Help!

A parent is the most influential person in a child’s life. Although parenting can be satisfying and fulfilling, it can be difficult and time- consuming. Through coaching, we will work together to gain the confidence and control back so that you can have more fun together as a family.

Parent Coaching will show you:

  • How to effectively parent with your spouse or co-parent
  • Strategies to maintain Self-Care 
  • How to communicate more effectively with your child/teen
  • How to set limits so your child/teen will take you seriously
  • How to recognize that connection and fun are the best ways to promote positive behavior 
  • How to implement new parenting skills

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